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Corolla 1997 turn signal stuck

Corolla 1997 signal stays stuck when I put full lights on car

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Yes. MY Corolla 1997 Signal Right Blinker On The Dash Stays On Soild What Could Be The Issue. I recently Had My Car Fixed by a electrician and the first couple weeks been rideing fine until today when it started.

How is someone supposed to reply to this. Does the left or right turn signal light stay on and not cancel? Do the bright headlights stay on or the stalk just will not return to it’s normal position?

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Right turn Signal stays on when I engage full headlight and short.but when I don’t engage the headlight turn signal works just fine.

What Could Be The issue?

Short to ground in the lighting system is a pretty good possibility. If the short is through the turn signal bulb itself, it would stay on when the headlight is on. Replacing the turn signal bulb may fix that as sometimes the filament breaks and crosses paths. Start there.

The next place to look is the headlight control/turn signal stalk. These cars have the headlight switch ON the turn signal stalk, don’t they? Considering the age of the car, a short in that assembly could cause your problem.

Using the wrong tail light/brake light bulb in the rear or parking light/turn signal bulb in the front can cause this or having the right bulb but not locked in place can do this too. The bulb can then cause a short between circuits.

The problem might be with the combination switch.

These plastic switches can short internally causing all kinds of problems with headlights, turn signals, etc…


Concur w/Tester’s post above, the combination switch is a likely suspect. If you look at Tester’s link, you can see that’s a complicated gadget that is involved with both the right and left side doohickeys sticking out each side of the steering column, definitely not a simple on/off switch. I’ve had to clean the contacts on that switch myself, on my early 90’s Corolla. I’m not sure if Toyota recommends my technique or not, but I bought a can of electrical contact cleaner and sprayed a little into the opening to the switch innards through the steering column.

I used a CRC product, QD-11-oz-Contact-Cleaner-02130-6

These late 90’s turn signal switches do break. It’s pretty easy to replace them. I had to do it on a 98 Tacoma, and it took all of 15 minutes.

Looking at the photo of the combination switch, I would think it takes more than 15 minutes on this Toyota. A whole lot more than 15 minutes. Looks like the steering wheel needs to be removed.

I don’t know about the Corolla. On the Tacoma the plastic cover on the left side of the steering column can off pretty easily, and the entire switch mechanism was exposed.

This YouTube video talks about getting the covers off and then how to fix the old switch. In the written information that goes with that video he refers you to two other videos that show how to get the covers off. I’d watch all 3 videos before you start.

On my Corolla anyway, I’m pretty certain the steering wheel has to come off to replace that switch. Removing the steering wheel isn’t that big of a job, but 15 minutes indeed seems a little optimistic.