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The cooling fan fuses blow when the fan or fans should start. I replaced the LS motor& paid for a diagnostic test to determine if the problem was solved. The test indicated the driver side fan was drawing too many amps. The mechanic actually replaced both fan fuses. Should I take the cooling motor back & get it replaced or is there another problem that would cause both cooling fan motors to blow?

“The mechanic actually replaced both fan fuses.”

Do you mean he replaced both fans?

It could be a defective replacement fan or wiring with its insulation scraped off and shorting the ground.

I replaced the LS cooling fan. When I had the diagnostic test done, both fuses had apparently blown & were replaced by the mechanic who tested both cooling motors while they were running. His conclusion was that the LS motor was drawing an excess amount of amps. I have made arrangements to again replace the LS side fan. His conclusion was that the system was operating properly, except for the LS cooling motor. However, why did the fuse for the RS cooling motor also blow? The motors also turn on when pressure from the AC compressor reaches a certain pressure. Could a faulty AC compressor cause both fuses to blow? I’m not convinced that the problem will be solved by replacing the LS cooling motor. Initially, the only fuse that blew was the one for the LS. The RS cooling motor fuse was OK when I took the vehicle in for the diagnostic test. It is also a 30 amp fuse.

Chuck Pasco

Check the condition of the fuse box sockets. Loose or corroded contacts can cause fuses to blow prematurely.