Cooling for cheap


ok, i have a 77xr75 and it is air cooled, it still gets a little too hot after all day riding, anyone have any ideas how to keep it cool? my idea was to run tubes on the sides of the engine and fill with water or something, any ideas?


Keep the fins clean and keep good oil in there and it will be fine. It is the nature of the thing to get hot. Also give it a break from time to time. I don’t think they are engineered to run continuously for long times like a road bike.

I can’t think of any good effective and practical way of adding additional cooling.


well i give it a break about every hour or two (30mins) but i still ride it all day


I agree about making sure the fins are clean. I have an XL250R on which I do quite a bit of trail riding. When it’s moving and a lot of air gets through the fins, it’s good. When you’re slogging through deep mud or trying to get un-stuck, it heats up really quickly.

I’ve had good luck with frequent oil changes, making sure the oil filter is clean (a 75 might not have an oil filter), and keeping the air filter clean and oiled. That all helps to maintain an efficient engine, plus extreme prolonged heat does a number on oil, so you’re ensuring lubrication if you change it every other ride or so.


Keeping the fins clean are CRITICAL in a Air-Cooled engine. And Gunk/dirt in the fins drastically reduce it’s ability to cool. Get in there with a small wire brush and even engine cleaner. It’ll make all the difference in the world.