Cooling Fan Failure

The cooling fans on this 2014 Sienna do not engage as needed. I replaced the control module but the problem persists. The lead in the attached image is getting 12 volts as indicated. I tried to start the fans with a direct hit from the battery but they didn’t kick in. I would appreciate any suggestions for a valid test to track down the problem.

If a 12V jump didn’t do it, replace the motor

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The two connectors in the back ground go directly to the motors, did you apply power and ground to those connectors?

Yes, I ran power and ground directly to the fans - - neither work. I was bewildered because neither worked thinking why would both go bad simultaneously. But I am not a wizard at an issue like this. I really appreciate the responses.

I ordered new fans. Do I remove the old ones from the top or bottom? I haven’t been able to locate any instructions on replacing them.

Oops. Wrong fan

OP is talking about the fans at the radiator, not the the cabin.