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My car keeps leaking the radiator coolant. I changed the thermostat and it still continues to leak. It only leaks when I turn the car off. The car never overheats or any thing but I noticed the fluid is coming out of the reservoir overflow. What can be the problem?

What can be the problem? As you say, the problem is that coolant is coming out of the overflow. Sounds like the tank or a hose running to it is leaking.

Neither have a leak. It comes out of the overflow as if it was overheating, but it doesn’t overheat while I’m driving.

Is the reservoir overfilled? Does the coolant come out of the reservoir just after you turn the car off?

It is normal for the reservoir level to fall slightly as the coolant cools.

Remove a cup or two of coolant from the reservoir and observe the reservoir level over several warmup/cooldown cycles. There should be a small volume of coolant in the reservoir with the coolant and engine cold.

You may have a bad radiator cap. Try replacing it, less than $10.