Coolant Types: Red, Green, Orange?!

Since I usually drive a beater, I was very interested to note that my wife’s car required the new, red long-life coolant. After a trip to the local parts-in-a-box, I noticed there’s even another one claiming that it can be used in place of either red or green coolant. This led me to wonder: What’s the difference between the red and green coolant and can the orange really be used in both?

Not being a coolant expert, I only want to use exactly the type of coolant that’s already in it. If you want to use a different type, I would drain and flush the system out with clean water first. I don’t mix types.

Chances are your car will probably be fine with whatever coolant you use.

Do I use multi-vehicle or universal coolants? Nope. Never. Absolutely not.

Why? Because my customers expect me to take care of their cars using only the appropriate, manufacturer approved fluids. There’s never any question about the fluid in the cooling system because it’s the same type and color as what was in there from the factory. As a result, I never have to answer the question I’m answering now.

I have yet to ever hear a convincing argument for not using the original coolant type.

BTW, the new, red long-life coolant has been around for what, 20 years now?

Perfectly stated, ASE. I 100% support your statement.
I think people get confused by the advertising hype. Oddly, I think they’re often more willing to trust a kid at a part counter or a stranger over the internet than they are to trust the manufacturer.

Personally speaking I will never regret going from dexcool to peak global. Google dexcool sludge if you need further info.

People have made up their minds about Dexcool, long before joining this forum

Nobody here is going to make anybody change their minds, one way or the other

At least as far as Dexcool is concerned

Personally…I hate Dexcool for a very good reason. The majority of vehicles that I check with Dexcool in the cooling system have a nasty green-black sludge in the radiator. I have never opened a cooling system with red or green coolant that had a nasty sludge waiting for me in the radiator. I agree 100% with Barkydog in this matter.

Green antifreeze is Organic.

Dexcool antifreeze is Organic Acid Technology.

Global/Universal antifreeze is Hybrid Organic Acid Technology.

The reason they came out with HOAT antifreeze is because, the military demanded an antifreeze that could be used in all the different vehicles and equipment that it has in it’s arsenal.


Green antifreeze is Organic.

I think you mean INorganic: