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Coolant sealer repair didn’t work but helpeds

When I idol the car for 10-20 minutes the car will build up coolant a burn a white smoke cloud, when I drive nothing.

Bought $11.99 aluminum coolant sealer and put some in my overflow.

The problem still exist , but seems like less of a cloud. Can this tell me anything else about the leak?

Is the white smoke coming from the tail pipe or the engine compartment?

Tail end only

Yes, it is telling you that you cannot crutch junk forever.


Haha, not gonna lie I beat the pis* out this car, 250k miles , 14 years old , deliverying 8 hours 7 days a week. Driving fast, or taking on a older model mustang.

On super hot days it would stall at stop signs and engine code. Cylinder 1 misfire, assuming where leak is, but ever since temp drops, been running normal, engine sounds like just off the lot tho still which is what made me put so much money into it, and take it for reliable. But just waiting for her to die out and milking out every mile.

Kelly blue books says value is $1,700 in good condition , but has a few dents and hail so meh kinda fair condition. So I feel like I could still getting $1,000 flat for it.

But I also feel like I could get another 20,000 miles out of it and sell it for $800-900 and get a pretty fast reply as I assume parting it out is like $400 alone. Or maybe I should try for 40,000 and really milk it out.

Is their a timeframe usually for bad gasket of life span I’m asking.

Why did you put it in the overflow ?

You should have put it in the radiator.

Didn’t have a hole to dump it into when I checked the engine bay.

Edit: I do see some videos on other cars about directly adding it to the hose, but not sure how much more effective that would be, I could grab a turkey baster and try to suck out the alluminum at the bottom