Coolant problem 94 Corsica



I am having problems the upper radiator hose where it connects to the radiator, no matter what I do I can’t get it to seal well, when the engine gets hot it starts to blow mostly steam but sometimes coolant. Any ideas? I tried replacing the hose with a new one, no luck. This problem also happened not long after I flushed and refilled the coolant system, I also used this reconditioner stuff that was supposed to repair seals and gaskets and such, I also did the same on my 96 Caravan and its coolant system has been on the fritz also. The Corsica has also been wanting to overheat every now and then, I put the heater on high (on 90 degree days) and that usually keeps the temp down but not always. Any help would be appreciated. Also has anyone else had problems with those reconditioning products? They seemed to trash my vehicles.


Have you considered the possibility of a head gasket leak?


I have but have not seen any other symptoms as of yet. The return hose to the radiator is clearly leaking where the hose clamps on to the radiator, I can’t get it to seal, I was wondering if anyone knew how to get it to seal better.