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1994 mercury villager upper hose hot

after upper rad hose blew, replaced with new. Added antifreeze, although the over flow had a half full amount in it the rad it self was empty. let it run with cap off rad for 30min then shut off replaced cap started it up and let it run again the over flow bubbled up, so I took off cap and let run again shut it off give it a bit antae again let run with cap on. today went out started up no prob, more then half what was in over flow was gone, took it for a ride about 10 km and no problem started and off engine, got home open hood van off, upper hose hot, vary hot. It has never had a thermostat I lived in BC and to obtain one at that time would cost more the worth, never had issue until now, I live in Toronto ON. Please help, thank you

The upper hose is supposed to be hot when the engine is running and fully warmed up. What am I missing here?

You are missing that there is still a 1994 Villager on the road. That is amazing in itself.

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Did you run it with the heater on high/hot? There could have been an air pocket in the heater core, which worked its way through the system. That could explain using some from the overflow. Keep an eye on both the overflow and the radiator levels every day for the next couple weeks; it should level off by then if everything is OK.

Please explain what is meant by “it has never had a thermostat.”

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I bought the van back in 2012 Vancouver BC had a rad leak not long after changed new rad, thermostat no good, I then lived in Merritt BC and to order one would take weeks and cost more then worth, so I been driving with out one since with no issues, until now, it over heated and the upper rad hose blew, got replaced, refilled rad slowing with van running cap off, then shut down cooled started with cap on ran, not drive, and air bubbles back up in overflow, shut off waited added a bit more to rad, ran engine for a bit shut off.

then drove next day about 10 km shut off shopped then drove home, upper rad hose hot fan on. so no I’m concerned with hot upper rad hose .

haven’t had a thermostat in it since 2012

thank you Glenda

sorry just seen this email. heater off, should I run with heater on for a bit?

thank you Glenda

Yes, that will add the heater core and hoses into the equation, hopefully releasing any trapped air.

When you have found the top hose hot have you felt the lower hose to see if it’s also hot? If the top hose is hot and the lower hose cool the water pump may be failing.

Some of your symptoms are consistent with a head gasket problem. Suggest to let it idle for 5-10 minutes with the radiator cap off, then peek into the radiator to see if there’s a bunch of bubbles coming up to the surface. If so, you are probably looking at a failed head gasket.

If it is not that, it might be something as simple as a faulty radiator cap. That can cause overheating. It’s not a good idea to remove the thermostat, b/c the thermostat portions out how much coolant goes to the engine, and how much goes to the radiator. Based on what flow is required in each path. An especially unwise to remove the 'stat in engines which use a “bypass thermostat” design. Not sure which your villager uses however, the bypass type or the regular type. Whatever else you do, suggest to order up a thermostat, and when it arrives, install it.

Checked all that its ok, now I stated it this morning, let it warm up shut it off, went to start and now will not start it wants to but not…? I’m lost, when the upper hose blew and rad stuff backed up into over flow could have it messed up the engine.
Like plugged something with its dirt or what slug, that may have been in rad and or over flow. ? I was going to get a rad flush today but now I’m having this no start issue, don’t want to get there and then they see $$$ in their eyes because I’m a older women. Lololol you know what I mean.
Thank you

This thing will have to be towed to repair place. Fee charged to determine what is wrong. The garage is going to have a list of things they think needs to be done to avoid having to keep doing small repairs for the next several months. I really don’t think age, gender or anything else matters as much as people think. Not listening and asking reasonable questions will affect the solution.

Frankly, I think that this vehicle is not worth what it will take to put it back on the road.

Thank u so much

Agree with you, now if I’m looking at high cost repairs going to look for another can, thank you so much.

What does your temperarature gauge read? If gauge is in the normal range don’t worry about it. Upper radiator hose returns coolant to the radiator from the engine, therefore will be hot. But you really should have a thermostat in it.