Acura 98 RL steaming like a riverboat



I just bought a used 98 RL and upon returning home from a trip, I hear a hissing sound, coming from what I thought was my front drivers side tire. upon closer review I realize that’s coming from under the hood. I pop it up and realize that the steam is coming from underneath the cruise control unit ( that’s what it says on it) and not the radiator like I oringinally assumed. I get back into the car and check the temputure and it’s running normal. it still could be the radiator but I’m not sure. Anyone have any idea what this may be?


There are multiple connections under the hood from which coolant (or steam) can leak. I suggest you keep an eye on the coolant level in the radiator (not just the overflow bottle). It sure sounds like you have a developing leak in a hose or a connection.

Might be a heater hose, but there are other possibilities.

Don’t assume this is nothing, as it could become much worse in a hurry.


Hey Mcparadise, you were absolutely right! It was a heater hose that had a small hole in it. I took it to Shucks and they told me to fill the over flow bottle to get Anti freeze and water back in the radiator. I did but it still over heated so I put it directly in the radiator and now it works great! Thanks a lot for your advice! When I was taking the radiator cap off, some small bolt fell inside my radiator, will this cause a problem??