Coolant hose leak

1995 mercury marquis coolant hose that runs under the intake How do you change this hose without taking top half of engine apart for such a minor fix kind of a dumb spot for a hose i would think … This hose is only maybe 1 inch or less in width goes from front of engine behind waterpump through center of engine under intake but I do not see how you can get to this hose without taking top portion of engine apart. thanks

The hoses are 13 years old. They are ALL suspect. Replace them ALL.

You probably have no choice, but to remove the intake plenum. If you do, I’d suggest making note of all the hoses and lines that are exposed, and replace them all. Be sure you can get replacement gaskets before you start. Sometimes your local auto parts store may have to order the right part.

The upper intake manifold requires removal in order to replace this hose.


IIRC, people have done this without removing the intake, but it does not save time. Check at www.crownvic,net