Cool hidden storage spaces in a Caravan - check this out



I just thought this was cool, I found this space where the jack goes and couldn’t believe how much stuff I fit in there, and there is still room for other things so I am curious what anyone else stores back there. In mine I fit the jack and the tire wrench, 2 cans of insta-trak tire traction spray, 2 cans of fix-a-flat, a can of wd40, a can of windshield de-icer, a tool kit containing, tire repair tools, windshield chip repair kit, rear view mirror repair kit, fuel tank and radiator repair kit, and some basic tools. I was also able to fit a portable air compressor, jumper cables, and a tow rope in that compartment. There is still a little extra room, I was thinking maybe a small extinguisher or flares ect. Any other ideas? I’ll post pictures. I also found a nifty place to store brake fluid and power steering fluid just in front of the battery, and a quart of oil to the left of the washer fluid tank. The power distribution center also had a space marked spare that is perfect for holding those little tins with spare fuses.


Here are the pictures


1/5 of rye.


All of these things are adding weight to the vehicle, which will reduce fuel mileage. What’s the point? Most of these thing you will never need, or at least I hope you will never need.

I used to carry a heavy tool kit, just in case. No more. It’s just dead weight.


You could add a handful of latex gloves so you keep your hands clean while overhauling the engine with all the other stuff you have. And maybe a jar of peanut butter and some Saltines.


… too bad u couldn’t fit a spare tranny in there !
if you want really cool storage space; take all the panles out!


It’s great to stop things from rolling around! If you have no garage, those spaces can help. No rags in the engine area, they always get loose and cause trouble.


I would be a bit concerned about the liquids in the engine bay. If they heat up then they might not be so hidden anymore. Have you figured a place to hide the fire extinguisher?


10-20 lbs of extra stuff in a caravan is not going to affect fuel economy. We have a Caravan, and it gets the same mileage with one, two, or three people in it, which is a lot more weight than some extra oil, jumper cables, etc.


Actually I do have latex gloves, they are in the little glove box next to the back seat. Guilty as charged


Trust me with the luck I have, I do need these things, and they are in constant restock rotation.


I was also apprehensive about the fluids in the engine compartment but the temptation of having such a nice location was too nice. The air box actually blocks nearly all the heat, I tested the fluid after hours of driving on a hot day and it only reached 110 degrees. They have been riding there for two years now no problems.