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Converting Ford Model A to right-hand drive

Can You convert a Ford Model A 1928 to Right hand drive easily for export

You can not be serious ! You want to take what may be a valuable collectors item and mess it up . Besides where are you going to get parts anyway?

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No …

Model A Fords were also assembled in England, so parts might be axailable through a British Model A club.

@RanjitBhusry Any chance you can tell where you are and where you want to ship this thing to. Also have you considered searching for a right hand drive Model A . I know that Gateway Classics had one a couple of years ago.

You think this is a mess @VOLVO_V70 .

I have a guy that wants me to take a 1954 Willy’s pickup and put in a drive train from a Suzuki Side kick.


The words from Chevy Chase in “Vacation” (or whoever and what film) when he asked the mechanic “how much” for the repair, and the guy said “how much you got?”. Like I said before though, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

You just quote him a fair price and that’s the end of the story, right?

Well I think it might be impossible to determine what a fair price would be due to all of the unforeseen things that could happen. In restorations, I believe like hiring a lawyer, you pay a deposit to have work begun, and when that is exhausted, you pay another chunk of money for additional hours work. And on and on as the project progresses or doesn’t progress. Of course you can bail at any point but a $50,000 initial deposit would tend to separate out those that aren’t serious and have the ability to see the project through.

It would be much cheaper to find and original RHD regardless of the price. I can’t imagine building the clutch actuator, rebuilding the bell housing, re-engineering the throttle control, steering gear etc, then after all the holes are drilled in the floor, firewall and dash the then vacant holes would need to be somehow made to disappear.

Long ago I retrofitted a Ford Courier engine and transmission in a 1960 Falcon Ranchero and when I finished swore I would never get caught is such a mess again. Just engineering and welding up motor mounts was a days work.

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Right Hand Drive Book the Model “A” Pickup by les pearson will have tons of information. $21.95 from amazon. Amazon’s description.

Editorial Reviews

The Right Hand Drive Ford Model ‘A’,” A very informative full color, A/5, 44 glossy page publication full of pictures, explaining in full the differences between the left and right hand drive Model ‘A’ Fords produced between 1928 to 1931. It shows the considerable differences between the USA assembled cars and the Canadian assembled cars. It also shows, body and engine numbering sequences, Canadian Robertson square drive screws used extensively on the Canadian Model ‘A’s, instruments and controls, body numbering sequences where the prefix designated the body style, Patent Data plates which were attached to the firewall on the 1928 cars only, period advertising, production figures for twenty two countries where partially built up bodies were exported from Canada to foreign assembly plants, such as New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. The book also gives information on the “Early Cars” which were the very first Model ‘A’s produced, which were in many ways very different to the later produced cars. The appearance was the similar, but many parts did not satisfactorily interchange. Tools supplied with each vehicle are covered. There is a page of helpful information, a page on Model ‘A’ specifications. A RHD lubrication chart and a RHD wiring chart. There is a page of mechanical specifications which is very handy to the mechanically minded.

Pretty cool info about a specific variation of a very popular car, Robb, but the OP did say “easily” Ha! :smile:

From what i’ve read online the gas tank for the RHD version is nearly impossible to find stateside according to the Ford guys. Possibly at the Hershey Swap Meet, you never know there could be one there for sale in RHD.

Sounded like it would be “easier” to find one built as a rhd but I haven’t read the book to know every piece that has to be changed to do the work.


Interesting discussion but like many other posts, the OP asks a one sentence question and then never returns. Kinda leaves everyone else drinking coffee and talking about it while the guy that asked the question left the cafe.