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Control Module or what? Jeep 1999 Grand Cherokee


Dash gauges come on and off intermittantly. Dash “idiot” lights come on and off intermittantly. Windows no longer roll down. Controls for radio on steering column no longer work (although cruise control works fine). Headlights no longer work in “Auto” mode although work fine in manual mode.

IS this a failure or loss of program of one of the control modules?

Also, possibly and unrelated topic; the passenger side heating system provides only cold air.

What year is this vehicle and how old is the battery?

Well, it’s a 1999 according to the headline. We don’t know about the battery yet.

Most modern cars go crazy when voltage is not up to par. If you find that the battery is about 4 years old, start thinking about a new one.

Surprisingly the battery is <1yr old. Another website posting mentioned something about the BCM (Body Control Module) losing it’s program. Any ideas?

BCM was the problem on our old minivan. If I remember right it’s like a $300.00 part:(