My battery keeps draining

Hey guys I just bought a 2000 grand jeep Cherokee laredo and the battery keeps getting drained. So when I turn off the car the radio stays and and so do the outlets where you charge your phone and even the windows still will go down . Idk how to fix this. Please anyone that can help!!! I’m not a mechanic but if I can do it myself, i rather! Thank you for you time

consider checking the ignition switch, looks like it may need to be replaced

typically, the electric contact part is separate from the key combination, so it should not require replacing keys

The problem may be caused by a failing body control module.


I’m not a Jeep expert by any means but all of my cars (GMC, Lincoln, Chevrolet) will allow the radio to stay on after shutdown until the door is opened…The windows will continue to operate for a certain amount of time also. At some point the windows will cease to work.

What needs to be done is to disconnect the battery negative cable and check for an excessive current draw once everything has gone to sleep. You need to determine the draw in Milliamperes. That’s assuming the battery is not at fault.

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I was always under impression that doing that test requires some “bee dance” ritual.
I did not need to do one myself, but if I did, I would start from connecting multimeter to both the body ground and the battery lead, then removing the actual negative clamp off the battery, to keep things connected all the time (via multimeter, in current sensing mode).
I suspect that removing clamp and then RECONNECTING through multimeter will get BCM and other components into their startup sequences, so the draw will be different from the sleep mode draw, which one is trying to measure here.

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