Control arm bushings / service traction light

I have a 2008 Malibu LS and the service traction light comes on radonmly, I suspect a sensor. The car operates fine and this light has been coming on for several months. My question is can I just ignore? Another question is that I had new tires put on and they said I needed new control arms and bushings. I’m always suspicious when i go in for one thing and told I need something else. What would be the symptoms that I need to replace these parts.

You MIGHT need new control arm bushings in about 20 years, but not now. Not sure about that service traction light. Did it start right after the new tires were put on?

I could only imagine control arm bushings being worn out in 3 years if you constantly drive on unpaved roads or roads that are in very bad condition. If that is not the type of driving to which this car is normally exposed, I would be VERY skeptical of that diagnosis. I suggest a second opinion.

The service traction light started before the new tires were put on. I had a shop run a diagnostic, they said probably a sensor but I’m hesitant to go right to a dealer quite yet. I think it might be covered by the warranty but if not, the dealer will take me for as much as they can. If there is no urgency I might just wait.

There is no real urgency for the repair, but I can guarantee you of one thing, namely that if you wait too long, your warranty will expire, therefore depriving you of any possibility of having this done gratis.

thanks VDCdriver, need to keep that in mind