Continuously variable transmission



I was wondering if continuously variable transmission is worth the extra money over regular automatic transmission and what exactly is the difference. Any help?


Why? Sounds like a very expensive repair bill once the car is out of warranty. Let someone else beta-test them. Good grief, automatic transmission shift points are nearly imperceptable as it is. Why would you want one at the extra initial expense and potential maintenance issues?


The early ones had problems. It appears the current crop is at least OK, but they are not fully mature. The standard transmissions today are really very good.

I would suggest test driving the one you are are considering and testing the same car or as close as you can get and see how much you like it and if you are willing to pay the extra and accept the possibility of more growing pains of the new technology. I think I would wait for one more generation.


It doesn’t cost any more than you ae willing to pay. Who is charging more for one? It is worth it to not have to downshift on steep hills to keep the transmission from up and down shifting. I really liked the power and the gas mileage on the 2003 FrontWD Saturn Vue. I wish I could have liked the rest of the car. I don’t recommend the CVT with all wheel drive.