Contingency Law Firm-Arg!

So, today I got a notice of a class action suit against Ford for the Takata airbag recall. The firm is suing each AUTO manufacturer. The suit is simply for having one of the vehicles that were recalled, nothing to do with injuries or any deployment issues.
I had my airbags replaced under the recall. No cost other than taking an hour out of my day. The firm is suing Ford for $299.1 million!

How American of them! I’d guess that if you join the suit you might get $50 or so, and the law firm gets $100 million after expenses. Why chase ambulances?

Me, too. The suit is to reimburse expenses related to the loss of the use of your car. You spent and hour, I spent 3 hours over 2 cars and 3 recalls. Big deal. Nothing to sue over.

You can opt out. I will.

We need to make an adjustment to our legal system to “Loser Pays.” Would reduce a lot of these massive tort suits. Some states have this already - Texas for one - which is why this stuff is filed in other states.

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Gotta agree with that. It’s not enough that Takata is bankrupt and dealers have cars sitting in their lots that can’t be sold, but we must try and squeeze blood out of anyone that is still alive.