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Console cover for 2009 Honda Civic?

I just bought a new car yesterday which is the 2009 Honda Civic DX-VP. It has no power locks, and for some strange reason they chose to also subtract the lid for the middle console compartment between the two front-seats.

Anyone know a website where I could buy the lid for this compartment? I’ve looked at several sites and haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for.


If you bought it from a dealer, go back and ask them for it. Did you see the lid in the car before you bought it?


You are assuming that the car originally came with a console lid.
If I am not mistaken, the DX is/was the “value leader” in the Civic line (translation–strippo model), so I would not be at all surprised if the console lid was an option on this car when it was ordered originally. Some of the most basic creature comforts are frequently left off of these strippo models in order to be able to post an appealingly low list price.

It is very possible that the only source for this part would be either a Honda parts department or…perhaps…a junk yard.

No no. The Value Package comes without the console cover. Its very weird, as I’m sure the thing would only cost $50 or so. I just want to know if I can buy the lid from Honda or after-market…and if any of you guys know a website that has it.


“I’m sure the thing would only cost $50 or so.”

If you’re lucky, it will only cost you $50 or so at this point.
If Honda had originally provided this very basic bit of creature comfort, it would have cost them…perhaps…$5.

I really doubt that there are after-market manufacturers for this item, as not many of those “strippo” models were sold. As I stated previously, your options are most likely limited to the Honda parts dept or a junkyard.
But–if you can can get the part number, just enter that number in a google search window in order to find the cheapest online source.

good thinking!!!

thanks man

Hondas have no factory options. I looked at pictures of the DX on line and they all have a lid on the console. Since it was OEM equipment, I’m sure that if it is available, it is only from Honda. My guess is that the only way to get the lid is to buy a new or used console. Oscarnappy, you might go to a Honda parts department to make sure that a lid originally came with the console.

console has no lid on the Value Package. Its Honda’s way of saying “don’t be cheap and spend the extra $1,000 for power locks, cruise-control, and a console lid!!”