Considering a new car. But also moving overseas

I’m on my 3rd prius. I like it, but am thinking about changing it up for my next purchase. I want to do an all EV/plug in hybrid/hybrid. As much as I’d love a modelS, I’m not willing to pay that much. Complicating matters is that I’ll be moving to Germany in the next two years, so I don’t know what my charging options will be. I commute about 50 miles a day. I’d appreciate any thoughts or recommendations that anyone has on this. TIA.

Edit: the costs associated with shipping the vehicle will be paid by my employer, so that’s not a big consideration. Also, I would prefer a hatchback over a sedan (I’m always carting around stuff… recycles, lumber, etc…). And, I would prefer something smaller for European streets and parking (so no hybrid Highlander or the like).

Simple , don’t do anything until you get to Germany . In 2 years things might favor an all electric vehicle or it might be more trouble than it is worth . Also buying a vehicle where ever you are now and shipping it to Germany is not really a good idea.


If your current Prius is running well, keep it for now and sell it when you move to Germany. Buy another car when you return. If you buy now, consider the tax advantages of an EV or PHEV. Make sure you check for eligibility before you buy. After a manufacturer sells 200,000 EV and PHEV vehicles, the phase out starts. The Prius Prime is the current PHEV in the Toyota lineup.

Buy car made in Asia and shipped to US and then shipped to Germany. Car travelled more then you ever did.

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I’m. Fairly sure you’d have more choices for a hybrid or ev in Germany, we never got the hybrid Honda fit that Europe did, probably other examples.

A friend is in London for 18mos and after selling the Prius here usrss a folding bike and the tube to get around.

If the vehicle is staying in Germany longer than a year it needs to have a technical and emissions inspection and probably modified to meet EU standards. A year or less you can drive the car with the US registration as long as you have insurance and german translations of the documents

" Registration, Inspection and Insurance

If your stay in Germany is only temporary you can drive your imported motor vehicle for a period of up to 12 months with your home license plates and registration. A registration document with a German translation is required. And you’ll have to show proof of insurance. Also, the vehicle may have to undergo a technical inspection to prove its roadworthiness. You should ask the shipping company about this.

If your stay is going to be longer, whether the car is imported duty free or not, it must be registered at your local motor vehicle registration office ( Kfz-Zulassungsstelle ) and pass a technical inspection for roadworthiness and safety, as well as an emissions control test. This may mean that some cars (especially North American cars) may need to be modified to meet German standards regarding such things as headlights, emissions, brakes, rust and tires."

I’d not buy a new car, especially one with rapidly evolving technology, here and ship it. Rather, buy or lease when you get to Germany. Leave it there when you’re done there and buy a new, more evolved, car when you get back here. Of course, decide first if you’ll sell your Prius or store it for two years.

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