Considering a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Considering a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Price around 27,500 with 20,000 miles. Is this a good deal. Fully loaded. Never owned a Jeep. Always bought a Subaru.

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without knowing whether private party or dealer, condition, etc…per in my area from the dealership: Fair Purchase Price $29,188 ($585/month)* and Fair Market Range $26,678 - $31,697. Private Party: Private Party Value $26,907 ($539/month)* Private Party Range $25,897 - $27,916. Price seems good from a dealer, high from private party. Make sure you have your mechanic give it a pre-purchase inspection. Even better if you can get real maintenance records (NOT CARFAX)

Hard to say without seeing the car, but it seems about right (not way off). CarTalk has a partnership with It is an online shopping site. One thing you could do is to look at the same model and year vehicle for sale at the site to see if the prices seem comparable to give you an idea if that is reasonable.