Considering a 2005 Hyundai Tucson

79k 2005 priced at $ 4600. Nice condition, any concerns ? before puchasing ?

Yeah, 14 year old car driven 5000 miles a year with totally unknown maintenance history. Take this to your mechanic and pay them give the suv an inspection. Base your decision on that and look here, as well.

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Also check to see if this engine uses a timing chain or a belt . If its a belt then thats a big bill coming up shortly . If the belt breaks in a lot of cases it will trash the engine . Changing the belt is usually a 7-800 bill .

Both th V6 and I-4 have timing belts, and are interference engines. The recommended interval is 60,000 miles, and that works out to four to five years. The change interval is usually based on time or mileage.