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Hyundai Elantra 2001- Timing Belt

I have 57285 miles on my car. On a recent recall visit to the dealer, I was told of Crakes on Drive Belt and dealer wants me to chnage my Timing Belt and Drive Belt. They have marked on their report as this may require future attention but recommeded to get it done. The car has no issue otherwise.

Hyundai is the last man standing with a 60k timing belt change interval. Change it the next time, it is very expensive if it snaps(~$3000+).

Most other makers who use timing belts use a 105k interval.

And it will likely continue to have “no issues” until the milisecond after the timing belt snaps with no warning.

There is a reason why the car’s manufacturer specifies both an elapsed time value and an odometer mileage value for changing this vital part of your engine. A reading of the Hyundai maintenance schedule (it is probably in your glove compartment) will verify that you have already reached or passed the elapsed time value for replacement of the timing belt.

You can spend a few hundred dollars now for preventive maintenance, or you can wait until the belt snaps, and then spend perhaps a couple of thousand dollars to repair the engine damage that will result from the belt breaking.

Thanks can anyone let me know how much it should cost to replace Timing Belt, A/C Belt P/S Belt and Alt Belt - Cost and Labor charges. Will it be ok to get them done from my mechanic who charges labor only where I supply parts? The dealer charges are about 450.00 includes everything.