Considering 2010 Honda Fit Sport Manual Trans

Considering buying the above car without the nav system. Does anyone know of known issues or recalls or other ptoblems with this vehicle.
Thanks. has a link to check on recall notices. As far as I know a good vehicle. Manuals are rare and avoid issues with an auto trans going bad someday. The Fit has a very small battery (not much space so it is a small battery) so the battery might need replacing sooner than most car batteries. Not a big deal IMO.

ANYTHING from Honda is a sure fire hit. They may have a recall every now and again…but they at least make the recall !!! Case in point Honda’s recent Airbag fiasco… They made it right and Bravo…

I am however partial to Honda’s they have served me far more than just OK…in the past 20+ years…Hands down my Fav auto maker…among other things. You will LOVE your new car…I promise. If not…you don’t like cars…


As Uncle Turbo Has Pointed Out, You’ll Want To Study Up On These Little Cars And Their Electrical Systems, Including Batteries. Whereas, Unc Says It’s No Big Deal, It Would Be A Deal Killer For Me. Many Former Owners Had “Fits” (No Pun Intended) Over This Problem And Some Never Found A Solution.

A car with an unreliable (inadequate) electrical system is an unreliable car in my opinion. I’m not sure which years are the bad ones or if an improvement was ever made. Some owners keep buying batteries, but the problems continue.


In The “Search” Box On This Page (Upper Right) Just Below “Ask A Question” Type In “Honda Fit Battery.”


The Fit is rated ‘much better than average’ for all 5 years by Consumer Reports. The electrical system was either ‘better than average’ or ‘much better than average’ for those years.

You’ll want to take an extended test drive, the Sport has a firm ride, and some folks have regretted getting it because of the ride.

I love my Fit Sport, though its an auto. For the current model (09-current) there has been one recall for the 09s and some of the early 10’s. It involves replacing some springs inside the engine if they have the older spec springs. You can easily see if the recall has been done by plugging the VIN into honda’s web page.

For the battery and the current generation there was a big batch of bad batteries for the 2010 group. But those would fail pretty quickly, so if it did have a bad battery, it would have been replaced by now. A check of the website here doesn’t show a major epidemic, and certainly nothing much relating to the current generation. The only major battery drawback is the previously the dealer was the only source for the battery, but I believe that the auto parts stores are starting to get them in as an aftermarket item (i.e. the auto zone near my house says that it has it in stock currently.)

Beyond that, the only major issues are the sorts of things you’d expect for any econobox. The paint isn’t as strong as high end cars, the interior carpet wears a bit faster than high end cars, road and engine noise are relatively high, etc.

Also, check out for lots of fit owners chatting on the subject.

Many thanks for the info and will check the link. I’ve always owned Honda’s from motorcycles to cars and have not been dissappointed.

Thanks to all … the firm ride of the Fit Sport is no problem (European blood) but will check the battery/electrical issues before buying (looking at 2010 Fit Sport Manual at present). Will check the links and suggested sites you guys posted - again it is appreciated.

Here’s the one and only authoritative list of recalls:

Check every year to see if the Fit has any.

My sister and her husband both bought new 2010 fits and they luv 'em! They’re fun little things to drive. One of them is a base manual and the other is a sport with the auto. My BIL tells me the sport has nicer interior features.

Going against what’s hot these days, I don’t blame you for not wanting the nav. It is usually an expensive option and when it breaks, well, it is sort of part of the car, and likely out of warranty by then. You can buy a decent GPS at Target for 100 bucks.

Thanks, have a TOM TOM GPS in my 1996 Honda Civic HX which is great as it’s also hooked up to my iPhone for incoming/outgoing calls.

Yep, don’t even need a GPS if you have an iPhone…

And the Fit is on Car & Driver’s ‘Best 10’ list, again.

I work at a Honda Dealer and I did not like the fit until I had time to get to know it, now I love it. Great car, very versatile with the back seat folding in all of its different ways. Great MPG (Better then sticker from what I was told)… NOT the best highway cruiser (loud, and the motor is kind of reved out at that point), so if alot of your driving is on the highway this may not be the car for you. We actually have a used 2011 Stick sport right now and I love the way it drives, and the Honda shifter is fantastic.

“Yep, don’t even need a GPS if you have an iPhone…”

You do have to pay $5/mo for GPS on the iphone with my cell phone provider.

Verizon charges for that, too. The map app works ok, or you can buy the Tom Tom app.