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Condensation in driver side headlight

I purchased this 2006 Azera last Saturday. I noticed there was condensation in the driver’s side headlight and mentioned it to the salesman. The response I received was that sometimes happens.

Question - Should I call the service departmentt at the dealership?


If it has moisture in it the seal is broken , try to get a new one from the dealer if you can’t drillm a small hole in the bottom and the moisture will bleed out.

This issue has been a problem with so many different manufactures. When the “new” Malibu came out in 1997, brand new cars showed condensation in the headlight buckets. GM gave us a time frame (under 30 min.) with the lights on to clear the condensation, if it did not clear, new headlight assembleys were replaced under warranty.

Don’t you just love those designer lights that can cost a few hundred dollars to fix when the old sealed beam lights cost about $5.00 and five minutes to replace with just a screwdriver.

The fancy designers have gained control in the auto world. It is time to kick them out.