Computer Diagnostics

Hi! I have a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country van. Yesterday it would turn over and then die. It did this a couple times and then wouldn’t turn over. Nothing electrical – doors, windows, etc. would work. We had it towed to a local mechanic. After he tested the basics – battery etc. he told us this a.m. he thought it was in a chip and he was “working on it” – the diagnostics. 5 hours later he’s still “working on it.” Does computer diagnostics take that long or am I getting a runaround? Thanks!

“Diagnostics” often requires specialized equipment and following, step by step, a long, complex procedure.

Sometimes it’s neither quick nor simple.

If you trust your mechanic to have the necessary equipment and expertise, give him or her time to diagnose the problem.

If you think your mechanic is guessing, or shooting in the dark, find another mechanic.

You said, “Nothing electrical” because the doors and windows worked. That has nothing to do with the ignition or starting circuits. They are separate systems. The problem could still be electrical, even if everything else still works.

Thank you for the terrific answer! This is all new to me and your explanation helped a lot!