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Computer diagnostic problem in 94 Geo Prizm

Last week the ABS warning light came on. WHen the mechanic at my loca GM dealer tried to plug the diagnostic computer into my car’s computer, the plug would not fit into my computer. They found what was supposed to be the adaptor for the plug, but that did not fit int my car’s computer, either. The mechanic tried other GM dealerships in the area, along with the local Toyota dealer, but has had no luck. THe mechanic said this particular adaptor is also supposed to work with the Chevy malibu, but he’s discovered that it doen’t work there either. DOes anyone know of another way to get the information out of my car’s computer so I can get the brake issue fixed? thnks

First off, it would generally behoove you to think of this car as a Toyota Corolla. The Prism and Nova (not Malibu) are identical and I’m pretty sure all the electronics are strictly Toyota.

So with that in mind, give a look at this site:

You should be able to get the codes without any special tools.

This vintage OBD-1 system had no requirement to use standardized plugs or scan tools. There are dozens of different connectors and scan protocols. I doubt the brakes are scanable in any case. Back then, the computer was strictly used for engine management. The brakes are a stand-alone system. Repairing the ABS in these old cars is usually not economically feasible.

Thanks for the information. I actually suggested to the mechanic that we contact the Toyota dealer; when he did, said dealer was not at all helpful. I will take this info to the mechanic and see what happens. He seems to think the sensors are the problem, and not the brakes.