Compressor is leaking but it's been replaced twice and still leaking

I have 2007 PT Cruiser. The air conditon blows hot air. I replaced the compressor, added freon. It was back to blowing hot air within days. I replaced the compressor with another brand new compressor and again after a few days, hot air. I took it to another person today and again, your compressor is leaking freon and it needs to be replaced. I refuse to buy another compressor, please tell me what else could be the problem. I live in Texas and need air condition in my cruiser.
Thanks in advance.

WHO did the work? You or shop? Compressor leaks from shaft seal? Or high pressure outlet line? How do YOU know for certainty where leak is?

Are you sure it is leaking from the compressor?
They make this test ‘refrigerant’ that shows up brightly where the leak is. Fluorite makes it, among others.

If the original compressor failed internally, and if you don’t flush/replace components in the AC system to remove the debis from that failed compressor, the new compressor will be damaged from the debris still in the system in a very short period of time.


I just replaced the compressor in my wife’s truck. The parts store was keen on telling me I needed to purchase the accumulator/dryer, an orifice tube, and a bottle of A/C flush to validate the warranty. I was using a mailer coupon for 10% off a kit that included all of that, so all was good.

Why did you have to buy a second compressor? The warranty should have covered it.

Sir, your problem leaves me to scratch my head in a quandry about what exactly is the failure here. In reading your complaint, I can only come to the thought of that your head on unit is in failure, this means where u turn the a/c on inside the car , further, it could be a simple failure of the vacuum control blend doors denying a/c to the dashboard, in other words, do u feel any a/c coming down to the floormats? With the complaint info u have provided, I would openthe hood and listen to the motor at idle speed, then I would reach in and turn on the a/c and go back to the engine area and listen to hear any change that would indicate that the a/c compressor has engaged (turned on ) Sir, at this point, given the description of your complaint I am not able to provide any further recommendations at this time.

Your main problem is the car. Trust me from experience get rid of it. Had a 2005 in the family ( headgasket, power steering pumps, camshaft sensors, tie rods and on and on ) all before 65000 miles. Complete chrysler crap! There is a reason there use to be a ton of these on the road and now you don’t see them that much.