Compressor cycling

car is a 1999 4cyl honda civic system is full of freon but contues to cycle on an off is pressure switch bad thanks

It’s more likely that something is wrong with the system and the pressure switch is trying to protect it from further damage.

BTW, your 1999 does not use Freon refrigerant. It uses Suva (R-134a) refrigerant.

How do you know that it is full?

yea i know i call it all freon i put my guages on it high side id a little over 150 low side 32 @ 2000 rpm temp outside is 94

I don’t have Honda specific charts in front of me, but I think that the low side should be at least 40 PSI under those conditions. I wish I knew what the switch cutout pressure was spec’d for.

Where in the system is the high side test connection? Reason being, it may have a restriction in the high side that is holding pressure at the compressor to excessive levels. If so it is lucky that the high pressure safety switch works. Does the belt sometimes appear to slip just before the clutch cycles off? If you have a timing light mark the clutch plate and disc and use a timing light to watch for the clutch to slip indicating extremely high pressure.

Is this cycling occurring AT IDLE or ABOVE 1200 RPM?