96 Honda Civic A/C issues - Video

Started happening 3 days ago. This only occurs when the car is idle and the A/C is on. It does not kill the engine but makes it bog down during this. The cycle is that it dies this and then runs smooth for 30 seconds before starting again. Does not happen when in gear (that im aware of) When traveling in neighborhoods the air blows cool, main roads cold, highway ice cold. Idle it blows warm. I will be able to test the coolant levels with a friends gauge tomorrow. Looking for ideas as to what is causing this. If you need any more info I will follow up.

It’s short cycling and that’s often due to a pressure problem caused by low refrigerant. That one seems to be going at it too fast though and I wonder if there’s an electrical interruption caused by a flaky pressure switch or relay.

My suggestion is to get the gauges on it first. Before the engine is started and the A/C turned on note what the static pressure is on both high and low sides. It should be the same and in the 115-125 PSI range. If so, that should mean the refrigerant level is fine.

If it’s showing a static pressure of 60 or 70ish PSI then it’s seriously low on the refrigerant charge.
Charge it and see if that clears the problem up.

I was unable to get the gauges hooked up. I will prolly have to take it to the auto part store to get it looked at. Or buy my own gauges if they cant