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Complete List of Car Odors - Cause, Cure

I’m working on ahttp://ww…ars.htmair of free encyclopedia entries at that address

1. the list of common smells in cars, their cause and cure - at http://ins…s_Cars.htm

2. the cause of mold and moldy smells in cars, and how to find and remove car mold odors and actual mold



I would appreciate hearing any criticism or suggestions for these two articles.

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Daniel Friedman

Well I started at the first link and after 3 clicks trying to find car smells ended up at the picture of the sink with the double trap. I know that many times smells come from unused sink or floor drain traps that have no water in them so might suggest that addition of water to unused sinks, floor drains, or toilets with no water in the bowl. In the double trap situation it probably works ok and many a time some bleach poured down the pipes takes care of sluggish water movement causing smells. I applaud your efforts and do not offend by too critical, but your links need to take you to what you are needing to know. My thought was to replicate the sweet smell of a heater core leaking and find your answer. I could not. Good luck, Devils advocate.

I gained an awful odor, twice, AFTER taking trucks to be detailed.
In the hot sun it smelled as if someone had puked in there.
I’m certain they re-used old stagnant water. They refunded me after I took up the carpets myself and steam cleaned the carpet, matting, sheet metal and all to get rid of that putrid odor.

Tell the detail place to use clean water despite their desire to recycle.

Thanks for the critique on links - because some odors in a vehicle are specific examples of more general problems on which a lot has already been written, the article on car smells includes links to those related topics - for example, the exhaust gas discussion will include a link to in-depth on CO carbon monoxide hazards.
But I will look over the in-artile text links to be sure they stay on topic. Thanks. All editing is always very helpful. Daniel Friedman -

Good point. But it might be the detailing fluid that the company used on vinyl surfaces to make them shiny - we call it, to be blunt, snot. If this happens again try the smell test procedure of taking some time in the fresh air, then sniffing close to different areas in the car to be sure the offensive smell is properly tracked down.

When we take a car to be detailed we ask specifically that no snot be smeared inside - try asking the detailer not to use vinyl shine-up sprays inside the car - people use it on the dash, on door interiors, and on floor mats, mistaking “shiny” for clean.

Thanks for the idea; I’ll add this problem to the text.
Daniel Friedman -