VW sunroof drainage issue - moldy smell

My GTI had water on the passenger side after a rain - could not see how it happened. Took a bath towel to soak up the water. Happened again and I have garaged ever since. Could not get all the moisture out and began to smell moldy. Tried some essential oils sprayed on it but no help. Just received a notice about a lawsuit with VW about plugged sunroof drainage (who knew) and took it to the dealer. They are replacing the carpet and pad but tell me they have to “disinfect” the car by running a perfumed disinfectant through it (at my expense)for 45 minutes to kill the spores in the ducts and to kill the odor. But then my car will smell like one of those rented cars that had been owned by smokers so they perfumed it. Can’t stand the smell of those cars. Any thoughts on what else I could do or knowledge of a more natural way to solve this? Anyone else had to deal with this problem?

If they want to charge you for it, refuse to pay. They won’t do it, you can judge if it still smell moldy, then take it to a body or detail shop that’s good at removing smells from cars (call around). They’ll charge less than the dealer.

The smell is in the old padding. Once it’s been replaced the car won’t smell any more. I wouldn’t agree to pay them anything for this. If it’s a warranty issue it should be free.

But then my car will smell like one of those rented cars that had been owned by smokers

Why do your think it will smell like that?

He said that the disinfecting solution has a smell. I asked if it is the sweet perfume smell used on used cars and he said yes. I dislike that smell and would not like to experience it every time I drove. thanks

Good advice. Thanks

Thanks for the advice. Seems the carpet is all one piece so all the carpet will be replaced. They will calla when the carpet comes in - I think I will ask if they could run just air (rather than the perfumed disinfectant) through the ventilation system if they suspect mold is settled in there. You are right. Even though it is not warranty, it is part of a lawsuit settlement so that should be for free. thanks