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Smelly heater on Long Island

On today’s show, there was a caller who reported that his heater was suddenly putting out a “vomit” like smell. The Brothers decided it was a dead mouse or other critter in the ductwork somewhere.

One thing troubles me with this diagnosis: the caller insisted that it didn’t smell like a decaying animal, which he’s familiar with. I’m wondering if the Brothers should have asked him if it was a somewhat “sickly sweet” smell. That would fit with a heater core that’s suddenly leaking. I would call decaying flesh a “sickly sour” smell. What do you all think?

When the heater core is leaking material is deposited on the inside of the windshield,like a film,if it is present theres your confirmation.

We agree with you MrPhil; the boys are wrong about this one and we know what really did cause the smell: Ginko tree seeds. Daniel was removing leaves and debris from under his hood and among that debris were Ginko seeds. They have a pulpy, viscous sack around them and if disturbed, wreak exactly like human vomit, and we mean wreak! Daniel inadvertently mashed one or two into his air intake duct and voila!