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Complete Fuel System Treatment?

I received a coupon from Valvoline for a free bottle of Fuel System Treatment with my next oil change. Is this the same as a bottle of Gumout, or Chevron Techron? I only add Top Tier gas to my tank, but will this improve engine cleaning, or add performance?

It is free and will not cause any harm. But go to the Valvoline web site and get your answer as to what it really does. And no you will not set any quarter mile records with it.

If it’s free, it won’t hurt anything.

Top Tier gasoline has all the detergents required for keeping the fuel system clean.


Quarter mile records, with this car, any turtles around? :grinning:

Thank you for a great answer,

Okay, so it is like doing laundry for the same load twice. :smiley:

Thanks for the answers on this. I’ll continue to be proactive with engine cleaning.