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2005 Buick LeSabre - Fuel system clean - Is it a DIY job?

Is fuel system cleaning something I can do myself? versus 109.99 in the shop?

Are you getting a check engine ligh (CEL)? Is it performing below par? When something like this is suggested it may not really be needed.
Having said that, if no CEL you could try a gas additive ‘fuel system cleaner’ to the tank, such as SeaFoam. Follow the instructions! More than the recommend amount is not a good practice.


Save the $109.99. That is a profit enhancer for the provider. You shouldn’t need it! Take the money and buy yourself something nice.

Do what GM (Buick parent corporation) and other major car manufacturers recommend. Buy Top Tier gasoline when you need gas, rather than bargain gas. Perhaps you already do that.

Top tier gas is just like the cheapo stuff, but a package of additives are introduced into the gas at the loading depot. They keep fuel systems and some engine internals cleaner.

Here’s a link to a list of Top Tier gas brands:

Your car will be purring :smiley_cat:.


Key question is why do you ask? Problem? Or just somebody telling you that it’s needed?

One of the few name brands that Click and Clack recommended was fuel system cleaner with Techron - use on an as needed basis, which is usually hardly ever, but no risk to use it, except to pocket book.

Techron is in all three grades of gasoline available at Chevron, Texaco, and Caltex stations .

That could be one reason that extra fuel system cleaners are so seldom needed, except as a profitable add-on service for repair shops with customers busier with other things.

Maybe it’s kinder to call it preventative maintenance for the nervous.

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Interestingly, Texaco gas is a Top Tier brand.

Exactly. That’s why I said rather than buy that profit enhancer cleaning service, one should just shop at quality gas stations for gasoline.

I use Top Tier and cheapo stations both. I’ve never had any engine or fuel system problems, ever.

More importantly, I go where there’s good cheap coffee. WaWa has any size coffee for a buck! The gas is cheap, too and good restrooms.

Is it fuel system cleaning or induction cleaning service? Some engine designs do benefit from or even need periodic induction cleaning. There’s a difference between them so if you could clarify what service is being proposed? As mentioned, are you noticing any issues?

Jackie said it was "fuel system cleaning," but I believe she/he left the building a couple days back, possibly for a long time. We’re just beating this dead :racehorse::hammer:.

I can read what the OP wrote. That doesn’t mean it was accurately described to them or survived in translation. So I asked for clarification. In my experience, they are more likely to recommend an induction cleaning than a “fuel system cleaning” so I am leery of the accuracy.

The presence (or lack thereof) of the OP usually has little to do in influencing discussions here…Historically, 10 responses is hardly beating a dead horse on this forum…

Make sure the fuel filter has been changed on time if it has a replaceable one. A lot of modern cars are putting it in the tank now but you might be able to replace it. If so, there will be a suggested interval just like changing the oil.

Are there any issues? If not, just make sure the fuel filter is clean and adding a bottle Techron ever oil change isn’t a bad idea either.

Some GM cars have that spider injector system. I have it in my 2000 S-10 and have never had a problem. I always make sure the fuel filter is changed and do run fuel system cleaner every so often because I understand these are a nightmare when they go out. That alone would be my reason for keeping up with this. If you aren’t having any problems I wouldn’t even worry about the professional cleaning.

My S-10 has the original intake gaskets and they have been slowly leaking for years. I don’t use the truck often but can put several thousand miles on it before I feel the need to add coolant. It is either leaking externally or so slowly internally that it is being burned off before it can accumulate in the oil. The whole upper intake with the spider injector needs to come off in order to change these gaskets. Whenever I feel the need to change the gaskets I will be replacing that injector setup as I understand it is just a matter of time until you have issues. If the injector gives it up first, I will change the gaskets the injector and plastic upper intake then.