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Compass use in 2008 Honda Fit

I am not able to use a compass inside a 2008 Honda Fit.

The compass will work outside the vehicle, near the sides but will change readings on top of the car.

Any suggestions?

Charchoc, Blow A Hundred Bucks On A GPS Unit And Call It Good. You’ll Think You’ve Died And Gone To Heaven.

GPS works great, but has no compass feature.

Are You Sure About That ? Mine Has One. Besides, Why Do Need Compass Direction If The GPS Gets You Where You’re Going ? I’m Just Curious ?

Did you check the manual or online instructions for your GPS ?
Is your GPS made of wood and brass ? :slight_smile:
Maybe it’s time for a newey.


Most compasses won’t work right unless they are the ones made for use in cars. They won’t be the ones you can put in your pocket for hiking.

These have all been compasses that I have had in other cars. Dash mounted. Calibrated in the car.
They will not calibrate in this vehicle.
Take it out of it and it works fine.

I like a compass. Besides a GPS can tell you to drive off an embankment if you take them seriously.

try calling the company that makes the compass.

A compass is a useless instrument in an automobile. There is WAY to much magnetic interference for a compass to provide any useful information. Cars follow roads…Compasses are not needed. Neither are GPS’s…

I’m with CSA here. My GPS, no luxury model, says whether I’m going north, northwest, south, southeast, east, and so one. It might not be obvious at first glance–it’s a little letter on the screen, but it’s there. And even if you don’t trust GPS directions, just the fact that it displays street names can be a godsend, particularly at night when you are trying to find a strange place.

Your Compass Can Lead You Right Off The Edge Of The Flat Earth Or Right Into The Ocean If You Take It Too Seriously..

Any navigational aid still requires a glance outside once in a while. Are you licensed and equipped to drive on “instruments” in pea-soup fog, or what ?


Go With The Satellites ! A GPS Is A More Modern Version Of A Compass.

You possibly adjusted your compass “deviation” in former cars, but did you allow for compass “variation” ? Do you know all the varitions for where you drive ?

What is it you want to accomplish, aircraft carrier deck landings at night, in the fog ?

What if the wheel alignment is off just a tiny bit on that little Honda Fit ? Then what ?


Thanks for all your kind help.