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Compass rear mount

2007 Jeep Compass. The rear engine mount needs changing. Shop manual makes it look pretty simple, but doesn’t really talk about supporting anything with a jack. Supposedly the left and right mounts take the full weight of the engine, and the front and back mounts merely resist the torque movement. So do I even need to put a jack under the engine while changing the rear mount? Maybe just to take some incidental weight off the mount? I’ll have the front end up on jack stands. Just want to triple check that I’m not risking dropping the engine and transmission on my head if the jack slips.

Take it to an independant shop. Why risking injuring yourself or breaking something. Probably charge you an hour labor to do it.

Thanks for commenting, but:

  1. I haven’t found a shop that I’m really happy with yet. Every one I’ve tried has left me underwhelmed. And aside from this particular issue I’m positive that I can easily change the mount myself.
  2. Am I risking anything? There’s two gravity mounts plus a torque mount still attached when I disconnect the rear mount. I’m just looking for some additional verification on this point.

Put a jack under the engine or support it from above with a 4x4 across the engine bay and a ratchet strap. Just support it and remove all doubt, worry, and possible bad things. Done!