Communicating with the vehicles computer

Is this what German engineering has come to?!

I have a 2008 Dodge Sprinter (made by Mercedes). The dealer tells me they cannot communicate with the computer in the vehicle because I took out the radio. That’s right, no radio, no way to get a sticker anymore. The radio is gone, trashed, I put in an aftermarket radio.

Now, I went on the Dodge web site and there is a section where you can “Build your own Sprinter” one of the choices is no radio. So how do they communicate with those vehicles? I’m told it is in the programming of the vehicle. If it was wired/programmed to have a radio it needs a radio.

Are they nuts?! This means that if you prefer a different radio you need to put the old one back in every time you get it serviced and inspected? They warn you about every stupid thing under the sun like “the engine is hot when in use”… where is the disclaimer about idiotic engineering?

Benz over…Contact your State Rep and ask him to rescind the emissions testing program in your state. Forcing you to buy a car radio that cost more than a flat screen TV has nothing to do with emissions or air quality. As a matter of fact, emissions testing has nothing to do with air quality and it’s time to end this useless program…

I read in another post that someone had the same problem with a VW. It may be time to buy a reliable Honda or Toyota. If you go for the Toyota, skip the floor mats. That’s another mess…


One nice thing about rebadging is you can get a second opinion. You might try seeing if the Mercedes dealer agrees with the Dodge dealer. Even if you don’t have one in town, you could try calling them up.

Is your non-communication issue reguarding body functions or do you have a check engine light on and it is not possibel to pull codes?

Using the radio for functions other than music has been going on over 10 years.

You are up for testing already? I just did my first emissions test on my 2004.