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Color number

hi , where can i locate the color number for corolla 2008 ?

If you open the drivers door and look on the door jamb or on the end of the door, there should be a sticker for the paint code number.


thanks alot

If I am guessing right about why you asked the question, you should be aware that buying paint for a car that is more than a year or two old and expecting it to match the original, now faded paint is likely to result in disappointment. A good professional auto painter can do a better job using their experience. They likely will choose a color that does not expertly match but will shortly fade a little to match the current color of your car.

That said, modern paints are really good and today often using stock colors really do match well. 

Good Luck

thanks alot friends for the advise

One more tip: a good paint supplier can even mix a color using a spectral scan. They can also preload a canister for you. They’ll even mix in the plastisizer, essential if you’re doing a plastic bumper. These services can make a huge difference in the quality of the final job.