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Collaspe hose

some jeep Cherokee have a running hot issue. because the lower radiator hose collapse. Chrysler started putting a spring in bottom hose to keep coolant flowing. were can I get that spring from without going to dealer.

Why not just get the new hose with the spring installed from the dealer and be done with it ?

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Don’t most lower radiator hoses have a spring to prevent collapsing?

In the old days it was not a standard, usually a newer stiffer hose would be ok, but the internal strength member is the cat’s pajamas.

One doesn’t insert a spring into the bottom radiator hose.
The OP needs to buy a new bottom hose–either from the dealer or an aftermarket item from a parts store–that has the spring built into it at the time of manufacture.

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I’ve never heard of anyone replacing the spring in a hose before. Just replace the hose with a new one.

I had a replacement lower hose not have a spring in it once. I took the spring out of the old hose and put it in. Never have purchased that spring by itself though

Many aftermarket hoses are rubbed and don’t have an inner spring. I never use rhem though.

What you do with your hose is no business of mine…




…not that there’s anything wrong with it…


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What does rubbed mean? Ribbed?

I think that this is a…personal issue…for some people…


I was strictly talking car parts.

What somebody does with those auto parts is entirely an adult-level decision for that person.
As Pope Francis said, Who am I to judge?


That makes ME think of rubbed Pork


I’m getting hungry just thinking about that :slight_smile:

Coincidentally, I’ll be having pulled pork tomorrow…mmmmmmm…


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