Jeep with 7 radiators



i took my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to dealer to get radiator replaced ,7 times in 2.5 years will make a burping sound and 3 weeks later leaking … you can set your clock between burp and bad radiator … this is nuts . dealer is stumped , he just keeps putting them in …


Radiators must “float” in rubber cushions that support them and hold them in place. They can not be put under any twisting type stress for very long or the seams just let go and come apart…Make sure your radiator is properly mounted and there is no problem with your vehicle frame, allowing it to twist and deform the radiator…


Good point caddyman. I’m wondering if there is something loose or cracked in the frame allowing more flex than normal, thereby exerting more stresses on the rad. I can’t believe someone would install a radiator 7 times, having to force it each time. (unless it was the same mechanic, and thought that was normal?) I’m betting something is moving or flexing that shouldn’t be during hard turns, unusual vehicle attitudes, or other situations that flex the frame.



yes belive it or not this is a dealer in tampa . they are going to look at it monday and they think it is a electrial problem … the plastic neck is cracked this time , the flex problem sounds like the problem … because i see no rubber washers


Generally, radiators rest in 4 rubber saddles, two on the top and two on the bottom… Some were indeed bolted directly to the front valance or bulkhead, but that structure must be rigid to avoid stressing the radiator which is NOT a structural part…


If these radiators are all cracking in the same place (the neck) and if the hose that attaches to that neck is short then engine torque could be contributing to this.

A solid mounted radiator would be especially prone to the movement of the engine as it is revved up.
Something else for consideration. Have the engine mounts inspected as a faulty mount could be allowing the engine to torque over too much and crack the rad. neck.

If this is the case, they should have caught on long before now.