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Cold start problem

This 1991 Chevrolet Beretta GTZ has a 2.3 litre engine, HO Quad Four (High out put dual overhead cam) with a 5 speed muncie manual transmisson.
It takes 6-7 start times to make it run. The start time can have 2-3 turn over of the engine or 6-7 turn overs it makes no difference, just takes 6-7 start times. After it starts, one can turn it off and it will start right up. Let it set for 2-3 hours the the cold start problem is back.
I have followed the Haynes manual trouble shooting guide. The fuel regulator is in spec, no codes by scanner or dash lite code reader. I have replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel pump relay, oil pressure switch and the fuel pump/strainer. After replacing the fuel pump it did start on a first time to drive it off rear wheel ramps it was on to get access to the gas tank. I let it set until the next day to do a start test and it took the same 6-7 start times to make it run.
What is the problem?

When you replaced the fuel pump/strainer, did you replace the entire assembly? Or did you just replace the pump motor and strainer?


The complete fuel pump unit and strainer was all I replaced. AC Delco parts from GM. That is all there is other than the fuel level sender that come out of the tank with fuel pump as a unit.

Two things would come to mind. One is that one of the injectors is is not closing so that the fuel pressure is being drained off. You can check that by checking the fuel pressure to see if it comes up right away on a cold start. Another suspect would be the engine temp sensor that tells the computer the engine temp so that it can adjust the fuel mixture. If that it shot it can crank quite a bit when cold before starting.

I would add to Bing’s post that a simple way to check for fuel drainback while sitting is to try turning the key to ON a few times for perhaps 4 seconds each time before turning it to START. If the fuel system is depressurizing, that should enable to pump and pressurize the fuel system before you try starting and the engine should start normally.