2006 Cadillac CTS Cold Start Sputtering

Just recently I’ve started experiencing issues with starting my car on a cold start. When I begin starting the car up it will sputter for less then a second and will begin to idle like normal. I’ve checked my oil level and it is fine and when first experiencing this problem I thought it was a good idea to replace the spark plugs thinking it could be a bad spark. After replacing the plugs the issue has not gone away. Now that the temperatures are falling the car now sputters until the car dies. I haven’t yet reached out to a mechanic but, I would like some advice to see what others think.

Fuel pump is often a cause for that symptom.

Is the check engine light on?

There is no CEL on.

Then I have to agree with George. Your fuel pump may be struggling a bit. Next time you try and start your car, turn the ignition ON but don’t start it. You should hear the pump hum a bit. Turn it OFF, back ON 2 more times. Then the 4th time, turn the key fully and start it. If the stumble is gone, then the pump’s check valve is leaking a bit and letting the pressure bleed off. Your’s is not too bad, don’t worry about it until it gets harder to start.

If that doesn’t improve the start, you may need a scanner hooked up to read what is happening and a pressure test of the pump itself.

So I tried it and on the 4th time the car turned over for a second and then died again. After trying this again the car did turn over and run and i was able to drive it. I drove it around no issues and then when I turned it back off i attempted to start it again and it fired right up.

Possible faulty coolant temperature sensor.