Cold air in the car at stops and signals!


We have a 2005 Toyota sienna,has 105000 miles.

These days,after I got power steering fluid flushed,we start getting cold air from the vents as soon as the car is stationary,even when the engine is running.

Check coolant level if its good i recommend a proper flush of cooling system.

When stationary run the RPMs up a bit (step on the gas) check if this makes warm air from vent. If so again it may need a flush

Also watch your engine temperature. If it stays constantly very low, you might have a stuck open thermostat.

so again it may need a flush Or maybe it has a failing water pump.

I would also consider the possibility that some one doing the steering fluid change knocked off a vacuum line for the blend door

The heat loss might be from air trapped in the cooling system.

The heater core is the highest point in the cooling system. If there’s air trapped in the cooling system this air circulates throughout the cooling system as small bubbles as the vehicle is being driven because the water pump spins faster. When you come to a stop and the engine is at idle speed the water pump speed slows down so circulation of coolant slows down. This can then allow all those small bubbles to collect in the heater core as one large bubble and there’s no heat. As soon as the vehicle is driven the engine speed increases, the water pump spins faster, and flow of coolant thru the heater core forces the bubble out and the heat returns.


Thanks a lot! It helped .there was not a drop of coolant in the container!
I did not have to flush the cooling system,and anyways my husband did not want me to do it,he wanted to get done from an expert.Anyways!It works now.

It works now, but if the coolant was that low there had to have been a reason. And your symptoms suggest that the fluid had dropped within the not-visable portions of the cooling system also, to the level of having air in the heater core. If you don’t get it diagnosed and repaired properly the fluid level will drop again and perhaps this time the engine will overheat and serious engine damage will bbe done.

That’s probably why hubby wanted it refilled by an expert. An expert would look for the cause of the low fluid rather than just refill it.

You need to get this to a shop for system pressure testing and repair of the system. And be sure to tell them the whole story. Failure to do so might cost you your engine.

Sincere best.