Air Conditioning

One vent on drivers side does not put out cold air. 2010 Toyota Sienna

That would be a vent door problem. The ductwork is designed with doors inside to direct the air. It sounds like you have one that isn’t working.

I’d stop by the dealer’s parts department and request a printout of the “exploded view” drawing for the ductwork. That’ll give you a good drawing of where the problem door is. It may even give you a good map to how to get to it. You’ll be able to easily bench test its solenoid if necessary using two 6V lantern batterys connected in series.

I suspect that mointainbike is right about vent doors.

I would also add that if it is just putting out very little air (your incredibly brief post does not say a whole lot), I might also worry some about the blower motor/fan itself. Most are on the passenger’s side and if its not moving air all that well, it may have lost all of its “oomph” by the time it gets over there. I.e. the air volume might be lower than it should be.

Vents blow on all speeds including high. It’s not volume problem or fan speed. It’s only cold air on passenger vent. I suspect it’s duct work problem. Do you know of a quick bench test for it?

The automatic climate control has a separate driver side motor.

Thank you very much for the help. I’m a 70 year old mechanic and can learn something new every day. Love this web site. WG.

Only the good ones learn something new every day.
Stick around. We could use another input.

The separate motors in the diagram are servo motors, used to position the blend doors. Is the vent not putting out cold air or just no air and are all the vents on the drivers side affected or just one?