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Coins storage compartment replacement for Toyota Sienna 2013?

My Toyota Sienna 2013 recently had the coins change compartment (with quarters, nickels & dimes) stolen. I need to replace it.
What is the right name to call it & search for a replacement?
Thanks in advance.

Best bet would be the parts counter at your local Toyota dealership. Even then they will probably have to order it.
Or you could try a junkyard.

Thanks for responding. What would be the name of this piece?

In the Toyota catalog it is called a coin holder.

P/N 55450-08020-E0 for tan

55450-08020-B0 for gray

MSRP $53.90, available online for $40.43

Give the dealer your vehicle’s VIN and they will order the correct part/color.

I used to just keep a zip lock sandwich bag full of quarters for the parking meters and occasional toll. But now the meters all take debit cards and transponders for the tolls. I keep a little change in my pocket but the rest goes into a container I take to the bank every $3-400 worth. Change is so unused now that the tellers don’t want to deal with it and put a change machine in the lobby instead. Guess what I’m saying is maybe reconsider spending $50 for a change holder.