Code reader suggestions

I want to bleed the brakes on my 09 Camry. I need a code reader to open the anti lock brakes. I was wanting suggestios on best reader overall that has this capability. Thanks

You’re not going to find a code reader/scanner with that capability unless it comes with a special program to bleed the brake system.

Toyota dealers use a factory scanner called “Tech Stream”


A code reader to do what you want appears to be over $100.00 so why not have it done by a brake shop who will stand behind their work. How often do you have to bleed brakes anyway.

@“VOLVO V70”

Can you provide a link for this code reader that allows the bleeding of this brake system for over a $100.00?


Tester I just glanced at Google and maybe I should have written way over $100.00 your link shows one at a lot of money. I just don’t see a reason to buy an expensive piece of equipment you will not use enough to justify the cost.


You’re not looking at hundreds dollars, but thousands of dollars for that type of diagnostic/control equipment.



If I may be so bold . . .

Do you know for a fact that you have air in the system . . . because you replaced a component, for example?

Or do you want to perform a brake fluid flush, as preventive maintenance?

I’m going to go 100% against the grain here and say you don’t need a scan tool to perform a simple brake fluid flush

Why do I say that . . . from personal experience. Which happens to be professional experience.

You need a decent brake bleeder. For example a diaphgram-type, or at the very least, one of those that looks like a bug sprayer

And then you need the proper adapter. Power probe sells these adapter. I use them all the time, and I feel they’re excellent

I have done gravity drain/flush on my ABS cars without any issues. These have not had air in them, I was just refreshing the fluid.

If you don’t have a problem with the ABS hydraulic unit, there’s no need for the scanner

There were some Benz and Maybach models . . . with that junky SBC system . . . that 100% required a scan tool to perform a brake fluid flush. There are several aftermarket tools out there, that will do the job

but thats not required on this Toyota

You don’t need a scanner. The valves in the ABS modulator are “normally open”, which means that when the system is not energized (like when the engine is off) the valves are open and the solenoids that close them are inoperative.

Take a small, clear plastic bottle half full of fresh brake fluid and hang it as near the caliper as practicable. Run a clear plastic tube from the bleeder to the fluid in the bottle. Then open the bleeder and push the brake pedal. Fluid being pushed out the bleeder will “burp” the air in the system out the fluid in the bottle until you have a fluid-full tube between the caliper and the bottle. Any backdraw from the caliper will pull only fresh fluid back into the caliper. Close the bleeder after the line is bled. When you’ve done, refill the caliper from the reservoir.

Or, as I think db is suggesting, get a manual brake bleeder kit. They’re really pretty inexpensive.

I’ve even seen some homemade brake bleeder kits that work okay

They tend to duplicate the “bugsprayer” type

I wanted to flush the fluid out. I tried a vacuum bleeder and it would not suck the fluid out very well. I ended up pumping it as suggested. How about this?