Any Suggestions For A Best Reader/Scanner For A 2011 Toyota Camry?

The car is a 2011 Toyota Camry LE 4 Cyl

Since its old… I probably wont need the LATEST GREATEST Reader/Scanner

But I would like to see EVERY possible code the car can throw at me with live reads n stuff. Especially transmission. The problem I DONT want to run into is some code or problem my scanner cant detect because the unit doesnt support it or maybe the car doesnt detect it. I dont know. Lol. Its still confusing. My goal here is to learn.

Not sure if there is a compatible ALL SYSTEMS scanner for this particular vehicle. I’ve been searching high and low. Its a tough market. Hoping some of you experienced guys might have some suggestions.

Thanks for your input!!

How about here…

This is an add-on to a laptop program available here…

Or an Android based app here:

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@Mustangman Thank you for those suggestions!! Any all systems scanner standalone handheld units?? Just curious.

this totally depends on what you are after. There are units under $100, and there are some over $5,000. You say you are wanting to learn- is this a career you are pondering? is this a hobby? Is this a side job? What is your goal here? and how much are you looking/willing to spend?

@Mustangman gave you some good options for what you asked. clarify for us some more if you are looking for something more.


I kind of wonder why someone would benefit from real time transmission codes on a daily driver . Just doing regular fluid changes by the service schedule should be sufficient . And since Auto Zone will read codes for free that is good enough if the CEL shows it’s ugly face.

@eddo just a hobby i guess… to learn all about my car. to monitor every little hiccup it makes. some problems just dont set codes… again i just want to learn my car well.

Some people are using Techstream diagnostic software with a lap top computer, this is the same software used in the Toyota scan tools.

You can find this software for $10 to $20 however I believe that these are bootleg copies.


Auto Zone can only read the common codes, not ABS, SRS, powertrain ECUs and the rest. Having something that can read a trans code and better, scan data in real time, is a powerful tool. For a DIYer, a model specific reader program or app is pretty affordable these days. Pro models covering all cars are pretty expensive and need constant updates.


You want a scanner that not only provides live data function, but also has bi-directional communication and SRS/ABS diagnosis.


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Also, remember to check for additional codes codes than just the one. Sometimes there are surprises. Instructions will tell you how.

because he wants to know. and there is nothing at all wrong with that- Knowledge is power. :slight_smile:

Are you aware that you do not have to try to poop on everyone’s parade??