Cobalt or Focus?


HELP! I’m looking for my first car and it is SO overwhelming. Right now I’m sort of choosing between a Ford Focus and a Chevy Cobalt. I’ve heard a few people complain about their Cobalt. In your opinion is one better than the other? I’m so confused and don’t know who to ask. Naturally the dealer will recommend HIS car. Can anyone offer any insight?


Have you tested both cars?

I am a Ford guy myself, but if I where to choose between the Cobalt or Focus, I think I would go for the Cobalt. It is a nice ride, and its better looking than the Focus.

I just had both as rental cars, so I cant really give you any more advice on which is a better car in the long run…


Ford Focus has average reliability which really is good.

The Chevy Cobalt is much below average according to Consumer Reports. That may be the complaints you read or hear about.


I know practically nothing about the Cobalt but I am quite impressed with the Focus. It has been around long enough for Ford to work out all the kinks, and they have done a good job with it. The Focus would be my second choice for a new compact, right behind the Mazda3. Sorry, Cobalt lovers.


My gut feeling says go for the Focus. Cobalt’s constant velocity joints are poorly ranked comapred to Focus. Overall neither Focus nor Cobalt may be as good as Corolla, but between the two I would go for Focus. Gas mileage for focus is avg to above avg. It defintely rides and handles well.


Check out but be aware that most people don’t complain if things work well and most people don’t even know about the site. The first Cobalts had some problems that were corrected in later models. Also, doesn’t a Focus come in two different sizes?