CNG/ dual fuels


My question to anyone out there is this…can an LPG dual fuel vehicle, car or truck be converted to CNG ? If so… what would it cost? Also does anyone know of CNG conversion facilities near Kansas?

I have been following the CNG interest since my brother in Utah got me interested in it.


CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is usually around 70-90% methane with 10-20% ethane, 2-8% propanes, and decreasing quantities of the higher HCs up to pentane. The major disadvantage of compressed gaseous fuels is the reduced range. Vehicles may have between one to three cylinders and they usually provide about 50% of the gasoline range.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is predominantly propane with iso-butane and n-butane. It has one major advantage over CNG: the tanks do not have to be high pressure because the fuel is stored as a liquid. The fuel offers most of the environmental benefits of CNG, including high octane - which means higher compression, more efficient, engines can be used. Approximately 20-25% more fuel than gasoline is required unless the engine is optimized for LPG, in which case there is no decrease in power or any
significant increase in fuel consumption.


You can check out CNG information here:

The site also has information on other fuels. It is a terrific resource. Note the additional links at the bottom of the page.